Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Smart Sense Bathroom Fans. Technology for your Home!

 Ventilate your home intelligently. What is the new Ashrae 62.2 standard for ventilating your home do? It is a new guideline and building code to exhaust stale air and replace it with fresh air. This minimizes mold and mildew growth and helps remove gases and particles not trapped by filtration units. This automatic ventilation reduces indoor pollutants such as household cleaners, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from building materials, carpet and other furnishings. Broan-Nutone have the new SSQTXE080 and SSQTXE110 exhaust fans with smart sense link logic technology that uses wireless home control to provide timed off and delayed off features and automatically operates the air damper when fresh air needs to be added. It interfaces with other link logic, such as the SMD  damper that allows fresh air to be used when the SSQTXE fans are exhausting air out, the damper lets air in. This technology operates 24/7 and the ultra silent fans operate at a barely audible .03 to.07 sone rating. If your home was 1500 sq feet, with one bathroom  you would need 1 fan 80cfm or one SSQTXE080 would do the whole house.  Broan-Nutone smart sense is the best choice to meet the requirements for green building programs NAHB Green building guidelines and Energy Star indoor air quality. We at Homeproductsinc.com carry a large selection of Smart, Energy saving Fans. Please contact us at 866-368-8663 for more product details or visit us at www.homeproductsinc.com.