Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fantech products now Revit models!

Fantech customers can now access all Fantech products as 3-D Revit models, suitable for use in Building Information Modelling (BIM) packages such as Autodesk Revit MEP. Fantech Engineering Manager, Kerry Dumicich, said the Revit models included important information such as product codes, electrical data, airflow and pressure.

      “The significant advantage of BIM software, at this point in time, is its ability to look at the building as a whole, using the information in the Revit model to detect any clashes of components,” he said.  “Normally the variations component of a project, which covers any items that need to be changed or fixed during or after installation, could be as high as 18% of the total cost. But BIM has the potential to iron out any problems before construction commences, which could lead to substantial cost savings.
         “Furthermore, the information stored in a BIM model can be accessed by all stakeholders in the project. As a result schedules can be automatically generated and the project tends to run more smoothly and efficiently.”Kerry said, in the future, information in Revit models could be used to calculate pressure drops and energy use, that could lead to greater energy efficiency.
       Design Content, a division of KarelCAD, has worked with Fantech to create models of their fan range. The Revit models are available through subscription to the Design Content service which is available at

Friday, March 25, 2011

Exhaust Fans Vs. Inline Exhaust Fans


Exhaust fans are available in the standard model and the inline model. While their design varies, both types work to expel vapors from inside the home. Deciding which model to install can be determined by a home's design and space requirements.
  1. Function

    • The function of standard and inline exhaust fans is to remove vapors from the home created through use. This can include bathroom functions, such as showering or bathing. In kitchens where a range is not present, an exhaust fan can expel smoke and cooking vapors from the area. The reduction of vapors not only reduces related odors and fumes, but it can also reduce moisture.

    Standard Exhaust Fan

    • The standard exhaust fan is mounted just above the ceiling, with an intake vent cut into the ceiling below and an outlet that extends to the roof. The fan works by creating suction that pulls air up through the downward vent. As the air is sucked up, the fan blows it out the other end toward the roof vent, where it is expelled from the house. Standard exhaust fans are available with light kits as an added design feature.

    Inline Exhaust Fan

    • The inline exhaust fan works the same way as the standard exhaust fan, but the design is different. The inline fan is mounted to a joist in the attic. One duct runs from the fan to a ceiling vent. Another duct runs from the fan to a roof vent. The duct connected to the ceiling sucks air from below into the fan. The fan then blows that air into the other duct that connects to the roof vent. This discharges the air from the house.


    • The standard exhaust fan is typically easier to install but is limited as to where it can be placed. Since this type of fan mounts at the ceiling level, weight and space requirements can sometimes be an issue. This is especially true for drop-in ceilings, which require standard exhaust fans be suspended from attic joists. With the inline exhaust fan, no weight is ever applied at or near the ceiling level. The duct that extends from the fan to the ceiling vent also allows the fan to be placed a greater distance away. This can reduce fan noise.

    Mold and Mildew Prevention

    • Not only do exhaust fans remove odors and smoke, but they can also prevent mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew typically form in bathrooms, where relative humidity can exceed 60 percent. An exhaust fan removes water vapor or steam in the air to reduce relative humidity levels. This prevents mold and mildew from forming.


    • Standard exhaust fans and inline exhaust fans are comparably priced. Prices can vary based on light kits and motor features like noise reduction and air-flow ability, measured as cubic feet per minute or CFM

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Retrofit Ultra Silent.

Broan-NuTone, the leader in residential ventilation, has made it much easier and less expensive for homeowners to replace their existing bath fan with a much quieter, energy-efficient solution. The new Broan Ultra Silent™ Series QTRE080R ventilation fan allows the average do-it-yourselfer to install a bath fan that fits seamlessly into the home without having to crawl into the attic – making first-floor installations a painless task.
This powerful, new ENERGY STAR qualified Broan ventilation fan is made in the U.S.A., is the easiest retrofit fan available and can be installed in any room without having overhead access through the ceiling.
"Consumers will appreciate that they don't have to spend extra money on an electrician to retrofit this ventilation fan. The average do-it-yourselfer can install this new ENERGY STAR qualified fan themselves and this fan costs less than $1.00 per year to operate – a small price to pay for better indoor air quality and mold prevention," explains Patrick Nielsen, marketing manager, ventilation fans, Broan-NuTone. "In addition, the direct install from the bathroom makes this an easier, less messy solution when updating the home."
This new Ultra Silent fan is one of the quietest on the market, operating at as low as 0.8 Sones and exhausting 80 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). Additional unique features include:
  • A telescoping mounting frame that can be expanded to contact both joists for fastening – allowing the fan to be mounted anywhere between the joists with an extremely solid four-point mount
  • The ability to install without extra wood on top of drywall
  • No mounting ears, which eliminates drywall patching
  • Unique duct connector eliminates connection hassle

The QTRE080R fan is part of the Broan and NuTone ENERGY STAR lineup, which includes some 35 different models from the Ultra Silent Series, recessed fan/lights, as well as heavy-duty models ideal for light commercial installations and offices. The Ultra Silent Series includes basic bath fans, fan/light/nightlight combinations and humidity sensing fan variations.
In addition, all Broan-NuTone ENERGY STAR qualified fans are designed, engineered, manufactured and customer-supported in the U.S. which also means the carbon footprint required to make that fan available to homeowners is less than many of its competitors coming

Monday, March 21, 2011

The TCC Kitchen Center, A Modular Cooking Apparatus.

tcc food processing system
I’m a big fan of all things modular, and while this isn’t technically being sold as such, if you think about it… it’s precisely that. The TCC Kitchen Center’s Power Base goes right on your kitchen counter. Within, you’ll find a robust 600W motor, with speeds going from 7,000 rpm to 18,000 rpm. Outside, you get a universal adaptor of sorts, on which you simply dock all sorts of kitchen appliances.
Want a smoothie? Take the blender “module” (minus the blender motor), place it on the Base, and blend away. Feel like mixing up a cake? Take the Stainless Mixer out (again, minus the mixer motor) and place it on the adaptor… Well, you get the idea.
The advantage is that you can do away with electric cords, and redundant motors. Saves you space, a bit of time and some hassle. And what’s even better with all this is that it’s not actually that expensive. The Power Base will set you back $300, while the accessories range between $35 and $110.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3 Reasons Why Wireless IS Better.

I'm sure it isn't a great surprise to anyone that wireless security cameras are far preferred over wired ones. In a world where nearly every single piece of technology created has a wireless version, it only makes sense that security cameras would follow suit. But why, you may ask, is wireless so much better than wired and why would it make any difference to me?

Well, the answer to that is simple. There are a lot of different advantages to going with a wireless security camera system over a wired one, but here we are going to focus on three main reasons. If you take into account what these three reasons have to say, you may find yourself demanding not only wireless security cameras but also a completely wireless life.

Reason #1: Presentation
Wireless security cameras provide much more aesthetic value than wired security cameras. What I'm saying is that you do not have to worry about wire length, wrapping wires around your home or business or making sure you have an easy access route for your wires to feed through. When you go wireless, you do not have to compromise on the effectiveness of your system. A wireless security camera system allows you to enjoy all the features of a wired system without all the hassles.

Reason #2: Accommodation
One problem many security camera installation companies deal with is accessibility. Installers can have the perfect setup for any business, but if the business or house doesn't have the right style to accommodate a security camera system, then there is nothing you or the installers can do. However, if you go with a wireless system, you do not have to worry about accommodating for wire length. Wireless cameras can be installed easily and can even be moved on a whim if you desire, something a wired system can't do.

Reason #3: Portability
One of the biggest benefits of a wireless security camera system is that it is highly portable. You can use it as a temporary security measure or as a seasonal device if you have need for it in some months but not in others. Keep a wireless security camera focused on your pool in the summer to keep unwanted guests out and then take it down in the winter. Wireless security camera systems are also good for places like construction sites where you may need to monitor stock or equipment on a temporary basis.

It is easy to see all the benefits a wireless security camera system has over a wired one. A wireless security camera system offers many things a wired system cannot, including better presentation, accommodation and portability. In a world where everybody wants things to be faster and easier, it doesn't get much better than wireless. Whether it be your headphones, laptop, video game controller or security camera system, nothing beats the convenience of going wireless.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Go Green with First ENERGY STAR Qualified Under-Cabinet Range Hoods in the U.S.

As homeowners become more concerned about reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing energy costs, Broan has introduced the first ENERGY STAR qualified under-cabinet range hoods to respond to homeowner demand for green products in the kitchen.
"As homeowners strive to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) and comfort of their homes, they can be assured that the Broan QDE Series of range hoods will improve their indoor environment, while protecting and preserving the outdoor environment," according to Brian Wellnitz, marketing manager, kitchen ventilation, Broan-NuTone.
According to a number of leading organizations including the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), exhausting pollutants and moisture from the home is one of the best ways to ensure better IAQ. The Broan QDE Series is a great option for spot ventilation of pollutants and moisture and offers consumers a variety of features to help maximize energy savings without having to sacrifice style
Additionally, the majority of Broan-NuTone products manufactured in the USA are used in the USA, which means the carbon footprint required to make products available to homeowners is less than some competitors. In fact, 80 percent of the products sold by Broan-NuTone are manufactured in the USA.

Broan ENERGY STAR® qualified under-cabinet range hood
Unique features of the Broan QDE Series include:

  • Total savings of 564 kilowatt hours – in comparison to an equivalent model featuring halogen lights
  • Energy efficient motors and lighting
  • Energy-efficient, 290 CFM blower, which is controlled by a two-speed rocker switch and is extremely quiet – 50 percent quieter than the average range hood
  • Compact fluorescent 13 watt bulbs that last an average of 10,000 hours
  • Easily removable, dishwasher-safe aluminum filters.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Upgrade That Old Fan!

Homeowners can easily increase their bath fan’s performance with the new Bath Fan Upgrade Kit from Broan and NuTone. The upgrade kit reduces noise while at the same time increasing power and enhances the appearance of an economy fan in minutes. No rewiring, no new duct work and no hassle is required, according to Lynn Mantha, product manager for ventilation fans.
The Upgrade Kit can be used to replace specific Broan, NuTone and Nautilus® bath fans, providing homeowners’ with a quick and convenient way to transform the sound levels and air movement in their bathrooms.
“The Broan 690 and NuTone 690NT Bath Fan Upgrade Kits include everything needed to transform a bath fan from loud, ineffective and unattractive to quiet, powerful and modern in ten minutes. In the kit, homeowners will find a new fan grille, a quieter, more powerful fan motor, a wrench, two motor plates (depending on the homeowners’ existing fan model) and step-by-step instructions,” says Mantha.
Homeowners can upgrade an existing economy fan in four easy steps:
                        1. remove old grille
                        2. remove old fan assembly
                        3. attach new fan and motor assembly to new motor plate
                        4. install new motor assembly and new grille
“Typical bath fans operate at 4.0 to 6.0 Sones. The motor included in the upgrade kit operates at 3.0 Sones. Additionally, the upgrade kit boosts air movement up to 20 percent and helps control humidity that causes mold and mildew,” says Mantha.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Broan® and NuTone Named Brand Leaders in Bathroom Ventilation/Fans Second Year in a Row

Broan-NuTone is pleased to be acknowledged by the readers of BUILDER magazine as the industry leader in residential ventilation for the second consecutive year, says Steve Swenerton, senior VP of marketing and retail sales, Broan-NuTone. “We develop, engineer and manufacture forward-thinking residential ventilation and built-in products that greatly improve the overall indoor environment. We are pleased that the building industry continues to consider our products as their preferred choice when looking for quality ventilation solutions for the homes they build.”
The study surveyed more than 10,000 builders, builder-developers and general contractors to construct a profile of brands used by the building industry. In the Bathroom Ventilation/Fans category, Broan and NuTone fans were rated as top brands in quality and claimed the top spots in both brand recognition and most used brands, being 30 percent more recognizable and used four times more often than their nearest competitor
“Broan and NuTone are to be congratulated for their strong leadership showing in the bathroom ventilation fans category. They are the top two brands in ‘Brand Familiarity’, ‘Brand Used in the Past Two Years’, and ‘Brand Used Most’,” says Warren Nesbitt, executive director, Residential New Construction, Hanley Wood Business Media.
Broan and NuTone ventilation fans are available in many options such as recessed fan/lights, decorative fan/lights, ENERGY STAR® qualified fans and Ultra Silent™ fans. “The options are endless,” says Patrick Nielsen, marketing manager, ventilation fans, Broan-NuTone. “We continuously monitor consumer trends so builders, designers and homeowners never have to look elsewhere to find a ventilation fan to meet their needs.”
Additionally, many models of Broan and NuTone ventilation fans can help earn points or credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USBGC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Homes and the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Model Green Home Building Guidelines. Homeowners will appreciate that Broan and NuTone ENERGY STAR® qualified fans can use less than 10 kilowatt hours per year – or about $1.00 per year in electricity.
Over 80 percent of Broan-NuTone products sold in the U.S. and all Broan and NuTone ENERGY STAR® qualified ventilation fans are designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S. which means the carbon footprint required to make products available to homeowners is less than most competitors. Purchasing and installing a ventilation fan from the brand leaders ensures consumers are getting a quality product as well as helping to support American jobs. 

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Broan Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator Offers Supreme Quality and Energy Savings

Broan Attic Vantilation

Why Solar?
Solar energy is an abundant resource.
 • Each minute enough sunlight reaches the Earth’s surface to meet the world’s energy demand for an entire year.
• You can use clean electricity from photovoltaic panels on your home or business to replace power produced by coal, oil, and nuclear power plants.

• A solar power system ties into your current utility connection, turning your electric meter backwards when the sun shines.

We know that relying on coal, oil and natural gas threatens our future with toxic pollution, global climate change and social unrest caused by diminishing fuel supplies. Instead of relying on unsustainable fossil fuels, we must transform our economy and learn to thrive on the planet’s abundant supply of renewable energy.

Consider this: air trapped in an attic can reach a sweltering 150 degrees Fahrenheit or more, increasing the load on the home's air conditioner and leading to higher energy bills. The new Broan® Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator (SPAV) is the premium solution for attic ventilation, offering top-of-the-line performance and maximum energy efficiency.

"Too often, attic ventilation is overlooked as a place for energy savings," says Karen Formico, marketing manager, specialty products, Broan-NuTone®. "Proper attic ventilation can actually help keep a house cooler in the summer and can eliminate uneven temperatures, preventing ice dams and moisture build-up in the winter. If winter ventilation is not desired, the unit also comes with the option to add a Cold Weather Thermostat that will disengage the fan when temperatures fall below 50 degrees."

Powered by the sun, the Broan SPAV begins working in the morning at first light, removing moisture from the cool overnight air and ventilating the attic before the heat of the day can build up. A standard powered attic ventilator (PAV) must wait until its thermostat detects a high temperature and signals the ventilator to begin working. According to Formico, by that time, the moisture has already seeped into the insulation and the ventilator must work harder to cool the air and run all day when energy costs are higher.

In addition, the Broan SPAV is completely solar powered, requires no electricity or fuel, emits no pollution and costs nothing to maintain. The Broan SPAV qualifies for a federal tax credit of 30 percent of the total cost of the product and installation. With the federal tax credit and no ongoing energy costs, a Broan SPAV could cost the same as a traditional PAV within one or two years. "Also, homeowners should keep in mind that within five years, a traditional PAV could cost double the initial investment after factoring in utility costs," says Formico. In fact, with the Broan SPAV, in the first five years, the average homeowner could save hundreds on energy bills.

The Broan SPAV uses only the highest quality components and its 20 watt (W) output ensures that a single Broan SPAV can do the work of two lesser performing products. Its high-end, variable speed, whisper-quiet, direct current (DC) motor is highly efficient and emits no harmonic noise. The solar panel is made of high-strength tempered glass that can withstand golf ball-sized hail, and it won't discolor or warp like laminate covers, ensuring continued top-of-the-line performance.

The Broan SPAV's highly sensitive solar panels are able to power the ventilator even in times of low light. Because the Broan SPAV's solar panels are so sensitive, they can lie flat on a roof, while other SPAVs must be conspicuously propped up in order to absorb the sun's rays.

Available in black, brown or weather wood to match most roof colors, the trim is designed to blend in with the roof's shingles for a sleeker profile. The SPAV is easy to install and will retrofit into most existing attic ventilation roof openings in a manner of minutes. In addition to a standard installation, the ventilators are capable of being remote-mounted and gable-mounted, allowing the solar panel to receive optimal sunlight while placing the ventilator in a more convenient location. For flat, steep or uneven surface roofs, the SPAV can be curb-mounted to create a solid platform and better manage water runoff.

"From its premium components and excellent performance capability, to its aesthetically pleasing design and ease of installation, we are pleased to offer a product that is of high quality and saves homeowners money in the long run," says Formico.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Nutone Way.

Nutone offers much more then just Bathroom Fans, they also manufacture top quality Paddle Fans, Heaters, Exhaust Fans, Central Vacuum Systems, and Intercoms. Nutone is a company with good rapport on all angles of home improvement products. The Nutone line of Bathroom Fans are just one of their many product lines that have earned good reputation and currently dominate the market.

You will find that Nutone has a wide range of ventilation products for the consumers. These are innovative solutions that are hard to find anywhere else, and this is what sets Nutone apart from the competition. Bathroom Fans by Nutone are built with the specific needs of every customer in mind. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from, as well as exhaust fans with decorative lights, heat and similar features. You will be more then happy to choose from all sorts of Nutone Ventilation fans, Inline Fans and Through Wall Fans. Each one of them has special advantages and is built with quality materials here in the USA. You don't have to worry about their durability, just pick the fan that suits your needs best.

Ventilating your room with one of the Nutone Bathroom Fans will dramatically suppress the chance of mold and mildew buildup. You can also choose a bit more decorative fans, which will be practical and also look classy. If you love the style your bathroom has, there is no need to spoil that. Pick a decorative Nutone Fan and get rid of all your problems while making your entire area look stylish and luxurious. Luxury Bathroom Fans can be a bit more expensive, but they are well worth the money. Nutone makes one of the best fans. Concerning the quality, you can never go wrong with a Nutone Bathroom Fan.

(Vintage picture from 1960!)