Sunday, December 23, 2012

No Wires? No Problem.

Our weekly tip this week is for everyone needing a quick solution to the ever persistent problem of not hearing someone at the front door. If you're like me and enjoy an immersive experience while being on the computer, then i'm sure you've have been in a few or more cases of simply not hearing someone knock at the door. Fear not, I have found the answer. Wireless door chimes not only install in about 27 seconds but are also versatile and portable! That's right, you can put a chime anywhere within 100 feet of the doorbell. Rooms, hallways, patios all can be used as a location for your wireless door chime. These are also great for apartments or other remote locations where wiring isn't an option but answering the door needs to be. Wireless door chimes are inexpensive, reliable, and stylish. Take a look at our vast assortment of brands and     selection. All our models feature adjustable codes that disrupt interference from other electronics but also enable you, dear homeowner, to install multiple chimes. One last thing you might be wondering, yes they feature adjustable volume. Interested yet? Just click here to find out more... ----->Wireless Chimes <-----


Sunday, December 9, 2012

HomeProductsInc tips for winter

Hello! As you may or may not have noticed. "Winter is coming.." But seriously, we here thought it would be proper to extend a few tips and tricks out to you for getting through the cheery holiday seasons.

1. Did you know that you can actually run your ceiling fan on low in a clockwise direction during winter to make your room a little bit more comfortable. This is done by pushing air upwards and outward causing warm air to circulate back down in the room.

2. An attic fan should operate in winter as well as summer. Proper attic ventilation is still important.

3. 157 and 154 Broan ceiling heaters are cheap and work wonders for instant heat in those chilly tile bottom floor bathroom or showers.

4. Medicine cabinets make great gifts for your bathroom. Just sayin'.

5. Now is the time to practice winter home safety. Do a deep cleaning of your range hood, clean the filter, buy a new one, clean the knobs and the drip pan. A clogged filter can easily catch fire and spread toxins in the filter. There are numerous videos on YouTube to help you accomplish this.

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