Monday, February 18, 2013

Trends for 2013

1. Medicine Cabinets

In recent years past, many decorators and designers have opted for decorative mirrors instead of the more traditional medicine cabinet. However, with many young people beginning the home buying experience in 500 sq ft condos and many others downsizing as their family needs change, efficient use of space is returning to the forefront on a larger scale. Since medicine cabinets are multi-functional – providing both hidden storage and a mirror – and have minimal to no impact on the overall footprint, they are a perfect addition to any bathroom, big or small!

2. The Do It Yourself trend is not going to slow down in 2013. 

Making and fixing things with your hands will continue to rise in popularity. With the availability of parts online, more than ever getting a longer run with your current product is easier and cost efficient. DIY trends have emerged everywhere recently. The most condemning piece of evidence that supports this is's recent surge in grabbing up new parts suppliers across the US. Don't believe me? See for yourself. 

3. Kitchens features:

The kitchen remains at the top of the home buyer’s priority list. Marble, cooking hearths and intricate light fixtures, modern range hoods. “Mega-islands” are also popular, providing an area for prepping a meal, cooking and socializing with guests.