Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 Upgrades To Do Before The End of Summer

1) If you have a broken Attic Fan, you are definitely going to want to replace or fix it. The purpose of the attic fan is to pull out the humidty. Too much humidty and you will start to have moisture problems with the wood, insulation, and drywall; eventually leading to mold. It shouldn't cost too much to replace it and doing so avoids further damage to the house later on.

2) You have an old intercom. It's more than likely seen better days, has become quite unsightly (especially on the outside) and still plays cassettes? Its definitely time to upgrade. Having a fresh new working intercom is a luxury we can chalk up to "once you have it, you will always need it." A la XM radio anyone?

3) How is that Bathroom Fan sounding? Like a hovering helicopter? If so, its probably just about to punch an expiration ticket. Replacing the motor is a simple job (you'll see once you take the grille off) After a quick inspection of motor numbers, head over to 

4) Central Vacuum belts, bags, and parts are always things needed frequently and promptly. We know what its like to not be able to vacuum. If you need parts for an ailing power brush, why not fix it up?

5) Door bell pushbuttons can become old, brittle, and worn down. The chimes they are attached to can lose luster, sound, and charm. Looking to upgrade your pushbutton is a great way to add class to any front door. Installing a new chime with different and unique sounds can bring scores of laughter and give you the title of "coolest house on the street!"