Monday, February 21, 2011

Why YOU Need an Intercom.

If you’ve ever shouted across your house or business and have been frustrated by the lack of response, you know why you need an intercom system.  An intercom allows people to communicate instantly with each other through the push of a button. Once you experience the benefits of an intercom system, you’ll wonder how you got along without one.
Here are just a few of the benefits people experience with intercoms:
  • Keep you from running up or down stairs just to tell your kids dinner is ready.
  • Call your husband out in his workshop to tell him he has a phone call
  • Use as a safety device for seniors who don’t get around as well anymore
  • Use as a baby monitor to monitor a baby’s or child’s room
  • Tell someone in the your store’s back room to bring inventory upfront
  • Call for additional help with customers in your store
The uses for an intercom system are endless. They are an instant way to send a message, instruction, or to get help.
Before you shop around, make a checklist of the features you want.
•1  Determine how much money you want to spend on an intercom system for your home. Setting a budget from the start will help you avoid overspending at the store.
•2  Choose the wiring system you want. Home intercom systems can be wired or wireless.
•3  Choose either a video system or a voice-only system. Video intercom systems for your home are great at the front door or if you employ servants. Voice-only systems are less expensive and good for the average needs.
•4  Decide how many lines you need. Do you want an intercom in every room or do you simply want a connection between two rooms?
After making a checklist, please consider us as your source for all things intercom related. We have over 35 years of experience in installation, maintenance, and sales in the intercom business.

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