Thursday, May 5, 2011


The worlds of design and ventilation fans collide with the introduction of the new metal grille from Panasonic Home & Environment Company.  Available in July 2009, the durable and decorative FV-GL3MTL grille is perfect for professional and commercial settings.

With an understated and subtle style, the FV-GL3MTL is the newest addition to Panasonic’s optional Shaker and Victorian grille line.  Featuring powder-coated white paint, the HVI Certified FV-GL3MTL allows builders and remodelers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively change to a metal grille in multi-family, high-rise and lodging environments without compromising the performance, quality or quietness of the unit. 

Panasonic models compatible with the new grille:
·         WhisperGreen®: FV-05VK1, FV-08VK1, FV-08VKS2, and FV-13VKS2
·         WhisperCeiling™: FV-05VQ3, FV-08VQ3, FV-11VQ3 and FV-15VQ4
·         WhisperFit™: FV-05VF2, FV-08VF2, FV-11VF2
·         WhisperValue™: FV-05VS1, FV-08VS1, FV-10VS1
·         Radiation Damper: PC-RD05C3

Panasonic’s Whisper ventilation fans are renowned in the industry for their high-energy efficiency and low noise levels. All Panasonic fans and fan/light combinations are ENERGY STAR® qualified, UL listed, and feature leading-edge technology ranking them one of the quietest ventilation fans available today.

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