Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Solar Powered Fans


solar fan is an attic fan powered by solar panels. The solar panels are either mounted on the device or are installed elsewhere. Solar fans mostly do not require secondary power sources other than solar power, as most of them are used for cooling purposes during day time. It runs the fastest when it is the hottest outside (and lets just be honest, its been more than "hottest" this summer) providing generous savings on air conditioning costs.

There are a couple choices when it comes to Solar Powered Fans

Solar Powered Attic Fans - Provide excellent circulation of air in attics of homes. 

Solar Powered Gable Fans - Installed in the gables, they are almost always smaller but more powerful. They are typically used in garages or barns or other storage applications where moisture is prevalent. 


A solar fan is leaps and bounds more environmentally friendly 

Cheaper long term solution - provides up to 30% on air conditioning costs. 

No electrical cords

More mobility 


So take a gander and let us know what you think. Until then, take care.


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  1. That looks fabulous! Love the tiled center light fixture. I would have never thought to do it in a different glass.

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