Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Delta Breez Ventilation

Recently we have brought in the Delta Breez ventilation fan line. These fans have been an instant hit with customers because of the quality and rock bottom price tag. A few of us have even install their upgrade kits in our very own homes! First let me state a few facts about Delta

All Delta Breez ventilation fans are ENERGY STAR® qualified and most have been designated ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013

All Delta Breez ventilation fans are HVI-certified, California Title 24 compliant, and UL-listed in both the US and Canada. Most Delta Breez fans are ASHRAE 62.2 compliant as well.

The Breez Ventilation Fan combines several design innovations, including a switching power supply and DC brushless motor to provide a quieter solution with energy savings up to 74% compared to similar products.

The Breez Ventilation Fan is easy to install in new construction or an existing bathroom to deliver an unobtrusive appliance with aesthetically pleasing results. The product is safety certified and has passed the EMC test.

Delta fans fall under the follow categories

All Delta fans carry their signature DC Motor Technology which is new in the ventilation game. For a explanation see the picture below.

DC Motor Technology

So if you are looking for high quality and top performing bathroom fans with the lowest price that meet requirements for all sizes and airflow levels? Why not Delta?

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