Thursday, October 24, 2013

Central Vacuum Systems FAQ

It is a vacuum system that is installed and runs through the entire house, allowing the user to plug in a hose into a wall inlet where they want to vacuum. Debris is then sucked away to a power unit installed elsewhere in the home.

How is it installed?

A permanent power unit is placed somewhere out of the way, like a garage or basement. Then, tubing from this unit is installed and runs through the walls, crawl space, and/or attic of the house. Inlets are installed to those tubes in the walls wherever the homeowner would like to vacuum. 
Nutone VX1000 Vacuum System Power Unit

How do I use the central vacuum system?

Easy! Plug in the lightweight hose and brush to the inlet, flip the switch on your handle, and use like a normal vacuum. Dust, hair, and debris is carried away to the power unit, along with the suctioned air. There is no need to turn on the power unit when wanting to use it.
Plug the hose into a wall inlet. This is what is installed in the wall.

Are there any health benefits?

Yes! Central vacuum systems help reduce the amount of allergens in the house, improving air quality and reducing allergy symptoms. The University of California at Davis School of Medicine conducted a study, comparing the effects of a portable vacuum vs. a central vacuum system, and found the central system to be superior in all areas. The central system found the following:
  • improved nasal symptoms
  • improved eye symptoms
  • improved non-nasal symptoms
  • improved activity
  • improved emotions
  • improved sleep 
These improvements were reported in all participants who had documented these problems before using a central system (J Invest Allergol Clin Immunol 2001; Vol. 11(4): 290–294).

What are the other benefits of a central system vs. a portable vacuum?

First, the hoses and accessories for a central vacuum are much lighter and easier to move around than a portable vacuum. This is especially important for homeowners with multiple story houses. 
Also, portable vacuums will suction and recycle air back into the room, often releasing dust particles straight back to the house. Central vacuum systems carry the dusty air out into the power unit to filter the air so it's not released back into the home.
Additionally, a central system has higher suction power. This is because of the permanent power unit, which is able to have higher power and suction due to it not needing to be portable or light weight. It is also able to suck up chunks of trash, hair, and other things too large for a portable vacuum to suck up.
Lastly, it is much quieter. Since the suction is controlled in a separate part of the house, there is hardly any noise, excluding the sucking sound from the hose.

Are there any other uses with a central vacuum?

Yes! There are also dustpans that can be installed low by the floors of any room. When sweeping, turn on the dustpan, and sweep the debris straight into the hole, where it will be sucked away to the power unit with the vacuumed debris. There is no more need to bend over to sweep the dirt and dust into a pan, or to throw away the dirt into the trash, where it would continue to sit in the house.
AirVac VPANA Vacuum System Dustpan. Installed next to the floor. Push the lever on front to turn on suction.
What is the upkeep with one of these systems?

Air filters will need to be replaced every so often if the system requires filters. The bag or container holding dust and dirt will need to be emptied once about every three months. Hoses and brushes may need to be replaced, depending on careful the user is while storing and using them. They are generally very durable and can withstand a lot of use. It is overall a good, long-term investment.

What about if I have to move? I will have to leave my central system in the house when I go, since it's permanently installed.

A central vacuum increases home resale value, so after installing and enjoying the other benefits and uses, it continues to pay itself back if the need to move to a new home arises.

For any other questions, concerns, or to discuss installing a system in your home, call us anytime. (866) 368-8663.


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  2. I have been considering installing a central vacuum system into my house, but I really don't know much about them. I loved how you mentioned the health benefits of having one! I like how it can help reduce the amount of allergens in my house! That would help my family breathe easier when spring comes around! Thanks for all the great information!

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