Monday, December 16, 2013

Which Room Colors Influence Mood?

Color creates and a definite mood, tone and energy in a room, which is why it's so important to pick one that will create the mood that you want. For bedrooms, colors with a calm, relaxing effect are often preferred over ones that create high-energy or excitement. Those are best in a living room or other areas where it can stimulate productivity and conversation. 

So, which colors have which effects? 

Red- Red creates a very high-energy environment. It stimulates the mind and body, a lot of times physically increasing heart rate and body circulation. 
Rooms to paint red: Living room, dining room, kitchen.
Rooms to avoid: Bedrooms

Orange-Similar to red, orange raises excitement and enthusiasm. It rejuvenates and increases energy, appetite, and boosts self-esteem. 
Rooms to paint orange: Exercise room, kitchen.
Rooms to avoid: Bedrooms, living room.

Yellow- Yellow is a very cheerful color, often raising happiness and energy. It's uplifting, warm and cheery. However, it can also be hard on the eyes and over-stimulating, creating anxiety. That's why it's best used as an accent only.
Rooms to paint yellow: Accent in kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room.
Rooms to avoid: Bedrooms

Green- Greens are very calming, relaxing, and easy on the eyes. It's fresh and cheerful, but helps to comfort, unwind, and reduce stress. 
Rooms to paint green: Living room, bedrooms, bathroom.
Rooms to avoid: Kitchen

Blue- Like green, blue has a calming and relaxing effect. It also helps increase focus and creativity. Pastels can be cold and frosty, so use those sparingly. Dark hues can make the room too dark, making the room dreary and depressing. 
Rooms to paint blue: Bedroom, bathroom, office.
Rooms to avoid: Living room, kitchen.

Purple- The color of royalty and luxury. As with blue, the hues make a large difference in the mood it creates. Dark purples and plums create a mood of sophistication, passion, and creativity. Lighter purples, like lavender and lilac, have the same qualities as calming blue. However, they don't have as much risk of being cold or hard.
Rooms to paint purple: Dining room, bedrooms, office, bathroom.
Rooms to avoid: Living room, kitchen.

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