Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lighting a Dark Space

1 living room Lighting a Dark Space
If you have a dark room that you are trying to light, you probably already know that it isn’t an easy task to accomplish. It’s important to understand how different light fixtures illuminate a space differently. This way you are sure to get the right lighting combination for your needs.
Some things to consider when choosing your lighting…
Paint and furniture color: If your room has very little natural light, you may want to choose a lighter color for the walls since they will reflect the light from the light fixtures better. To bring warmth into the room, and to help offset the brightness of the wall color, consider using furniture or carpeting with warmer tones.
Ambient Lighting: To be sure you have adequate overall lighting in the room; it’s good to install overhead lighting—for example, flush mount fixtures, track lighting, recessed lighting, etc. These lights can be hooked up to a dimmer switch so that they can be used brightly for tasks and entertaining, as well as dimmed for a more relaxed setting.
Accent Lighting: For when overhead lights aren’t enough, or maybe aren’t needed, we turn to Accent Lighting. Whether you are ready to settle in for the night, or want to highlight a certain part of your room, I suggest strategically placing Accent Lighting in your space. Many types of lighting fixtures can be used for Accent Lighting, depending on your needs. To highlight a picture, or maybe a shelving unit—wall lighting or picture lighting might be what you are looking for. For something more task-oriented like extra light for reading—you may consider table/floor Lamps or wall lighting.
Task Lighting: Sometimes the overhead lights and accent lighting aren’t enough. Instead, you need some lights that directly illuminate a workspace. This is especially useful in a kitchen, over a counter space, or in an office at the desk and computer. Under-Cabinet Lighting could be what you need. These lights are usually small, and can be unseen, and are very useful in illuminating a space directly. You could also use a desk lamp or pendant lighting for this purpose. It depends on the room you are working in and which fixture would make the most sense for the activity.
As you can see, lighting a room is not as easy as buying a lamp and plugging it in—especially if your space is dark. To lighten the room, you can start by picking well-illuminating paint and furniture, but it doesn’t stop there. You need to use different lighting for different activities. If paired together properly, you will have taken a dark space and will have made it a very functional, well-lit space instead.
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