Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maintenance Items and Issues

by Robert Wright
toolbox Maintenance Items and Issues
There are always things that need to be worked on or required on your home. This is the time of year when you really see what happens to your home when you have not taken care of certain things.
It’s all about home maintenance.
After the winter has had its way with your home, it always looks dirty and you always find damaged things.
This is also the time of year when most people take an inventory of what needs to be done and also start to plan larger projects and renovations. This is when you see damaged roof shingles, or split fence boards, or the deck boards are broken, and now you see why the cold wind was blowing around the windows and doors.
apr11 01 Maintenance Items and IssuesAll of these little items need to be addressed and looked after, because if you don’t repair them, they can become much larger problems. If you don’t repair and/or paint the window, you will need to replace it when it rots. Or the small opening in the siding will let rain into the wall and you will get water damage and mold problems. Does the eaves- trough still flow in one direction? Is the down spout clogged with last years leaves?
One area that most people miss is the HVAC equipment. Does the air filter need cleaning and/or replacement? When was the last time the HRV was serviced? Does the furnace and fan motor still run smoothly? Is the a/c unit ready to go for another summer? It can be very expensive to replace these pieces of equipment; and also you can greatly extend their service life with regular check ups and cleanings.
One thing to consider is to ask your renovation contractor to do a condition survey of your home. That way you can have a professional look at things to ensure you have not missed something. You can also discuss your immediate needs, future wishes and then plan for the completion of the various repair and renovation items in a systematic fashion.
Some of the rules of thumb I have heard are that you should invest between 2% and 5% of your homes value a year in your home for maintenance. That way you know your home will be in good condition and you will protect your investment in your home. If you don’t spend some time and/or money in your home, you could be in for a nasty surprise one day. As it was said in the commercial “you can pay me now, or you can pay me later”.

About the Author

Rob Wright has grown up around construction and in the mid 1990’s, Rob joined and took over Citadel Renovations in Ottawa. Rob has presented seminars at the local home shows on various renovations subjects and is a contributor to the Home Renovation Guide. Rob has been active in the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association for many years and previously served as the Renovation Council Chair. For more information, visit


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