Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NuTone® Rx Safeguards - Parents, you wanna see this.

NuTone locking cabinets are a powerful tool for Medicine Abuse Prevention. Decorative options to locate openly or designs for more discrete yet convenient locations, these cabinets are easily installed and sturdily constructed. Safer than customary medicine storage devices, they can help a family safeguard and control access to drugs in the home.
A common element of drug abuse stems straight from teens and access to the family medicine cabinet. Teens are abusing prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to get high. This includes painkillers, depressants, stimulants and cough and cold remedies. 10% of teens say they took drugs from friends or relatives without asking, and 70% of people that abuse painkillers say they get them from friends and family. The number one recommendation to help prevent teen prescription drug abuse is to safeguard all drugs in the home. Control access and safeguard these drugs by installing a locking cabinet from NuTone. These NuTone products are made in the USA. Our manufacturing facility in Cleburne, Texas designs, engineers, builds, packages, and ships directly to your job sites.

NuTone storage solutions - There are No Equals!
Security CabinetsLockbox CabinetLockboxHampton Locking
Security CabinetsLockbox CabinetLockboxHampton Locking

Not In My House: What Parents Can Do About Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Video
Share this link and give other parents useful information to help prevent teen prescription drug abuse.
Not In My House is a program by The Partnership at Drugfree.org dedicated to providing parents of teens with information, tips and tools to help prevent prescription drug abuse. Please visit http://www.drugfree.org/notinmyhouse for more information.

For more information on Medicine Abuse Awareness, go to www.theantidrug.com,www.stopmedicineabuse.orgwww.drugfree.org, or www.cadca.org.

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