Thursday, June 21, 2012

Range Hood Beginners Guide

New homes are now built much tighter in order to increase energy efficiency. The down side of this development is that it can also significantly increase levels of indoor pollution, since it results in decreased airflow. Agencies and organizations such as the EPA and the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) have identified the kitchen as the key source of indoor air pollution for which they have established the range hood to be the most effective combatant. BROAN Range Hoods are designed to quickly capture pollution at the source and exhaust it outdoors rather than throughout the home. Additionally, BROAN Range Hoods work hard to protect the home’s interior against the damaging effects of heat, humidity and airborne grease; saving time, labor and money.
So what do all them there fancy terms mean? Lets find out!
Ducted or Ductless?
Your range hood should be ducted to effectively keep the home safe and harmonious. While ductless filters do nab some of the grease and odor, a lot of the heat and smoke will still be left lingering in the home. 
- Always, always use a metal duct. 
What do CFM and Sone mean?
CFM is cubic feat per minute of exhaust flow. Same rule applies as with the bathroom fans - the higher the number, the greater the amount of air being exhausted. Sone is the recognized unit of loudness. One sone is about equal to the quiet hum of a refrigerator.
What does the term Convertible mean?
You can duct these range hoods vertically or horizontally.


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