Monday, January 14, 2013

HomeProductsInc Best of 2012!

Happy 2013! As we look forward to the future for another great year of renovations and remodeling, we would like to take a look back at some of our favorite things from 2012. Enjoy!

1) Ironaway 
Ironaway's line of Ironing Boards have sold exceptionally well the past year, and its really not a big secret why. The product is excellent. Ironaway features the highest commitments to quality and care. If you are in the market for a built-in Ironing Center- spend the extra money and get the best there is. Its more than worth it. 

2) Intrasonic 
Intrasonic intercoms have become a staple in the home intercom game. The simplistic design of upgrading all existing 3 and 6 wire systems along with the standard auxiliary input feature in the master station have been a huge win with us, and many of you as well (MP3 plug-in). Factor in a price that is significantly lower than the competition without suffering from a "cheaper" quality and its easy to see why Intrasonic is here to stay.

3) Nutone Locking Medicine Cabinet
In an effort to combat the very real problem of prescription drug abuse, NuTone unveiled a locking medicine cabinet that safely stores over the counter and prescription drugs. Featuring a durable and inconspicuous lock and a sleek design, these cabinets were an excellent addition to the award winning line of NuTone medicine cabinets.

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