Sunday, January 27, 2013

Time for a Range Hood upgrade? Here are some considerations..

Whether you are upgrading, replacing, or repairing a range hood there are multiple things to take into consideration. Ducted or non-ducted? Under-cabinet or chimney? Is noise level an issue? How much CFM do you need? Also, most older range hoods now look extremely dated. A new stylish range hood can really add value and appeal to the kitchen area. Newer range hoods also boast a stronger performance with a much quieter sound. If you haven't heard the difference yet, you should absolutely do that.

We strongly suggest a range hood that is as wide as the cooking surface below, however for optimal performance try seeking a hood thats 3-6 longer. This is one case of bigger is always better. So lets get started looking. Broan owns a monstrous 40% share in the market for a reason, the range hoods they make do everything you ask of them. If you are like me, and use the Range Hood much less than the microwave, the QP1 and QS1 is an ideal fit. They feature 2 speeds, a bright light, and better performance than the competition. If you use a range hood everyday, try the higher end QS3 and QP4. I'll let you take a look at the features yourself by clicking the link here. After you have made a selection, make sure it has been installed properly. Most of them can be installed by a weekend warrior in under 2 hours.

Pro tip: Clean the filters 1-3 months depending on use.


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