Thursday, February 27, 2014

Music Intercom System

I am a music junkie! I think music always makes everything better. And the best part is, you can find the right music for any mood.

I'm a huge supporter of playing music while doing daily, monotonous chores. I think it helps make the work go faster, and brightens the mood while doing something that usually isn't fun or exciting to do. I'm not sure I'd ever make it through washing a sink full of dishes without listening and singing along to fun and energetic music.

That's why one of my very favorite products we sell is a music intercom system. When I think of my dream home, one of these is definitely included. It will play music throughout your whole home. It can be tuned into the radio, and also has auxillary inputs for iPods or other music devices.

Intrasonic RETROM Intercom master station

The advantage this has over regular radios or stereo systems is that the music is played through every speaker in the house. I know that I miss being able to hear music continually through all of the rooms when doing sweeps through the house, or needing to go room to room. And, if there is a time that you don't want the music to play in a certain room, just turn the speaker volume down or off. Simple fix!

Of course, it's also an intercom system. I'm sure it's every mom's dream to be able to call for her kids without yelling across the whole house.

Also, for those hard of hearing, or if you have a large home, another great perk of having an intercom is that you can hear the doorbell through every speaker in the home.

Check out our whole selection of musical intercom systems and give us a call or leave a comment with any questions!


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