Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring!

The long, cold, frozen winter tunnel is coming to and end. Can you see the light peeking through the end of it?

With the long, dark months coming to an end, and now that everything is starting to thaw, it's about the time that the spring cleaning itch will begin.

Spring cleaning is a bit overwhelming, to say the least. After being hunkered down in the house, and practically hibernating, chores easily get put off. So what is the best way to get started without feeling overwhelmed?

I have already blogged a couple of cleaning and organization ideas, so take a look at those and see if something might be helpful for you.

5 Steps to an Organized Home for the New Year

12 Cheap DIY Ideas to Fix Up the House

Start Nesting for Winter

I also have pinned a lot of my very favorite cleaning and organizing ideas. There are some bloggers out there who have brilliant ideas! Check out the Pinterest board, and follow it for future cool pins and ideas!

Cleaning and Organizing Pinterest Board

Now, readers, I have to let you  know that I will be going on a short two-month hiatus while I'm away for maternity leave. I promise to have something awesome and when I return, and I can't wait to start writing again! Good luck with your spring chores, and comment about your favorite tips! Let me know about your results!

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