Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 Beds That Can Fit Any Décor

by Sunny Popali
bedroom 5 Beds That Can Fit Any Décor
A bed is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make and a good bed can last a lifetime.  You want to pick a bed that suits your personal style but occasionally you may have reason to want a bed that will fit in with any décor.  Perhaps you are buying a bed as a wedding gift for your children, or you think you will be moving in the next few years, or you are buying a bed for your guest bedroom and may change your decorating scheme in the future and you want to make sure that your bed choice will fit with any décor.  Here are five great choices of beds that will fit any décor and will never go out of style.
Slats – Sometimes called Missionary or Shaker style, slats are thin, usually square poles, placed about two inches apart along the headboard and footboard.  This is one of the most popular bed choices.  It is an economical choice but never looks cheap.
Plain Panel – This is a solid wood panel, usually square but can have a rounded top.  Sometimes it will have scroll work engraving, or two large squares etched in it.

Tiara–Named after the woman’s beauty pageant crown, a tiara bed has a bar on top of the headboard and footboard that curves down in the center and up at the ends forming a semi-circle shaped like a smile.  This simple and elegant bed is good for smaller spaces because it has trim lines.
Circle – These beds have headboards and footboards where the semi-circle curves so the center is higher than the ends (like a frown).

Divan beds:
The word divan came originally from Persian divan, meaning lounging couch.  A divan is usually a simple headboard with no footboard and is often cloth covered.  They come in various shapes, square, slightly rounded top, and scalloped shaped.  While they are not as commonly used as wood or metal they may be a good choice for people who like to change their décor often and want a homey touch.

Make your bedroom a haven:
Try placing your bed in a few different positions in your room to see which you like best and try changing it every few years for a different change of pace if the room set up allows.
Remember to consider buying a mattress when you are buying a bed frame.  If you will be using your previous mattress for a while longer than that must be a consideration with the new frame.  Also it is important to flip the mattress every three to four months.  Even though it is a hassle, it is worth it to save wear and tear on your mattress.
Whatever type of bed you choose remember to think of your bedroom as a sanctuary with your bed as the mainstay to build your refuge around.

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Sunny Popali is the Marketing lead at Mattressnextday. Mattressnextday offer the full range of common mattress sizes including: small mattress, single mattress, double mattress, memory foam mattress, king size Mattress, super king Mattresses, and odd size mattresses.


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