Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can a Ceiling Tile Clean your Indoor Air?

Ultima ceiling tile with AirGuard coating

Can a ceiling tile clean your indoor air? Armstrong World Industries, maker of acoustical ceiling tiles, says “Yes!”
AirGuard™ is a ceiling tile coating that actively removes formaldehyde and other aldehydes in indoor air by converting both man-made and naturally occurring formaldehyde present in interiors into an inert substance that is permanently captured by the ceiling. It is currently used exclusively with Ultima® ceiling tiles.
The coating is applied to the back of ceiling tiles. The patent-pending technology removes 90% (or more) of formaldehyde during the first year of use, when off-gassing from new materials presents the greatest risk to occupant health.
Over a 10-year period, the average formaldehyde reduction is 50%, a claim backed by UL-Environment™, which provides independent third-party testing and evaluation of environmental claims.
The AirGuard Coating also helps minimize the impact of air toxifiers, such as cleaning agents and office equipment, as they are released into the air.
Importantly, the performance of the Ultima® ceiling tiles — acoustic properties, light reflectance, durability, recyclability, and resistance to sag, mould/mildew, and bacterial growth — is unaffected by the AirGuard coating.

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