Friday, March 16, 2012

6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Fab on a Budget

by Miguel Salcido
bigdog1 6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Fab on a Budget
Few people have the cash for a full bathroom remodel, which can reduce your bank balance by up to $10,000. Instead of living off Ramen noodles for years, use these quick fixes for fabulous updates under $500.
1. Add Some Color
The easiest way to add glamour to your bathroom is to introduce some color. Paint, wallpaper, and accessories are inexpensive options for adding visual pop. Try some of these color combinations:
  • For a serene bathroom, choose sage green or light blue with accents of lavender.
  • For an earthy feel, stick with rich shades of brown, green, or blue.
  • For a morning wake-up call, select sunshine yellow accented with white.
  • To look beautiful every day, highlight the bathroom with peach tones, which complement skin tones.
  • To make a guest bathroom stand out, try dark colors, metallic paints, or bold patterns.
  • ·Even the tiniest change, such as installing a new shower curtain or adding cloth storage bins, can make a big difference.
2. Replace Your Hardware
Changing out cabinet hardware is a common trick for kitchen remodels, but this simple action brings benefits to the bathroom as well. Switch out your dated drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, towel racks, and toilet paper holders for their modern equivalents. Shop at clearance events, second-hand shops, and charity warehouse stores to keep your costs down.
If your budget can handle it, also invest in a new faucet and different shower fixtures. Home improvement stores and online retailers offer several matching options that are perfect for showers, soaking tubs, and walk-in bathtubs. Be sure to coordinate metal colors, such as brushed nickel, stainless steel, chrome, or brass.
3. Upgrade Your Lighting
The right bathroom lights can mean the difference between enjoying your morning routine and dreading even a quick look in the mirror. Every master bath or guest bath should have a combination of natural or ambient lighting, task lighting, and possibly accent lighting. Sconces to the right and left of the mirror cast the most flattering glow, but overhead mirror lights are the second best option. Avoid having a single overhead fixture, which typically casts hideous shadows.
4. Add Textures
A fabulous bathroom engages a person’s sense of touch as well as sight. Try adding some plush towels, rattan baskets, bead board, or a woven bath rug. Combine glass, stone, metal, wood, and cloth to match your unique tastes. Keep in mind that outdoor fabrics provide a unique look without the worry of mold and mildew. For an extra splash, use a resurfacing kit to add the look of granite to your single or double bathroom vanities.
5. Change the Mirror
Over time bathroom mirrors become damaged, scratched, or just ugly. Replace the traditional mirror with a modern framed version or a vintage find from a thrift shop. If removal is not an option, buy a mirror framing kit online.
6. Personalize Your Space
The least expensive way to update a bathroom is to use items that you already own. Arrange vacation photos or children’s drawings for the look for custom wall art. Hang a favorite houseplant from a ceiling hook or add scented candles to utility shelves. Personalizing a space always makes it feel more homey and comfortable.
By combining these tips, you can make any bathroom look great. Impress your guests, accommodate your kids, or rejuvenate your morning routine with creative remodeling on a budget.

About the Contributor

Miguel Salcido is an avid blogger, father of 2 and a recent proud home owner. He loves studying home design and decor and has his eyes on purchasing some walk in bathtubs for his home.


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