Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Proper Installation Makes all The Difference.

Proper installation makes all the difference
Key installation tips:
  • Keyhole slots and alignment tabs facilitate installation, taking the guesswork out of proper mounting.
  • Elbows, turns, long ducts and ductwork smaller than the fan's exit outlet will reduce performance.
  • Use Wide aluminum foil or duct tape to join smooth metal ductwork seams.
  • Do not let flexible ductwork sag as this impedes airflow.
  • During installation, orient the bath fan outlet in the direction of the home's exit point to minimize duct turns.
  • Before adding an elbow or bend, allow 24" to 36" of straight run from the fan outlet point.
  • Duct-wrap insulation (R-5 or above) will help minimize condensation in cold climates, especially on long duct runs.
  • Exit vents should have backdraft flaps to help keep cold air from entering duct.

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