Monday, April 11, 2011

Solaro Aire

The Solaro Aire™ was designed by experts in the art of air flow with years of aerodynamic engineering skills –We believe that the new Solaro Aire™ will out perform all other products on the market today, not only in terms of air movement performance but also in terms of curb appeal – because it was designed by experts who know solar and Air Flow – We created a high performance Attic Fan that will not detract from the beauty of your roof line. -  Not only does it ventilate up to 1250 square feet during the hot summer, the Solaro Aire™ removes mold and mildew causing moisture in the winter. Perfect for replacing an old noisy electric fan or your Turbine Ventilator and will likely fit in the same opening. The Solaro Aire™ does not cost one penny to operate! It’s completely powered by the sun! Built in 20 watt high performance proprietary custom solar panel will deliver the highest output of power, blowing all other products of its kind out of the water!  Automatic thermostat turns the high performance motor on when the attic space reaches 80°F so your attic will always stay cool, not to mention keep your energy bill down! Call our attic ventilation department today! 1-866-368-8663
A Solar Powered Attic Fan that is aesthetically pleasing

That is correct… the look of your home is as important as the function of it, so why install an unsightly looking protruding fan, when you can have a sleek unit that does not take away from the beauty of your roof. You will find that, in the Solaro Aire™! Our Solar Powered Attic Ventilation System has a universal round housing that measures 9 ½” high so that you can install it on tiled roofs as well as our low profile flashing for other styles of roofing. We provide the highest quality motor, screen & fan blades. Our extremely quiet custom motor is made of zinc coated steel which helps protect it from corrosion and is precisely balanced for the utmost quality & performance. We use a high quality heavy gauge (1/8th”) stainless steel screen, this keeps out critters and bugs without affecting the air flow. Also our aluminum, 12″ diameter, 5 Blade fan is as quiet as our motor.    Our custom solar panel with incisive light sensitivity performs from morning and into the night with out the need to adjust or situate the panel to meet the suns rays. Unlike the majority of the solar powered attic fans on the market, our custom multicrystalline cells execute their performance better in dim lighting conditions, so when the sun just begins to rise the solar panel starts its day as well. Our proprietary tempered glass solar panel is weather proof in the most severe conditions. There is NO other solar panel like this out in the market. We are confident you will choose the Solaro Aire Attic Ventilation System from its sleek look and high quality performance.    


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