Friday, April 29, 2011

Video Intercom Systems- A new type of home security video intercom systems, they are widely used in both home and business security settings to protect the safety of life. So you can both talk to the visitor and look at the person at the same time.
The video doorbell intercom systems include a camera unit mounted the door and a display monitor installed inside the house. There are many types of Video Intercoms in the market, most of the basic video doorbells intercoms system are black and white, they usually have low price. However, the higher priced video doorbells intercoms commonly build in infrared light which is can see the visor clearly at night.
Video Intercom System commonly features an low-light mode, motion detection, tamper detection alarm, flashing light, two-way audio function. The video intercom system can be operated in several different ways, many visitors often via pressing a buzzer or motion. Moreover, the video doorbell intercom system have the memory function that can record the images of visitors who ring the buzzer.
The video doorbell intercom systems can be divided into Wireless Video Intercom doorbell and hard-wired video doorbell. The Video Intercom doorbell offer a security color camera, two-way intercom, doorbell, and door easy release system. The doorbell wireless use surveillance and digital wireless security system which can make the transmission signal without any interference. They also come with two-way communication, a color screen and night vision in order to identify visitors easily. And the hard-wired doorbell may be a little simple compared to the wire-less video doorbell, it have a call button mounted the outside door and an indoor phone with CRT video screen to communication with the visitors. Most of the video camera have LED lights so that it can work day or night.


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