Friday, April 1, 2011

The Valet Intercom System gives you everything you want in a intercom system: Selective calling, all call, and a music option. You can have up to 20 room stations and 9 doors. Here are some highlights of the Valet System:

Valet Intercom System• Selective Call - You can call any room from any room without disturbing other rooms.
• All Call Feature - If you want to call everyone at once, you can do it from any station.
• Hands Free Answering - Only the person initiating the call has to push the talk button.
• Privacy Button - If you do not want to be disturbed, you can push the privacy button.
• Monitoring Feature - If you have a sick child, elderly parent, etc. you can monitor that room.
• Optional Music Feature - If you would like AM/FM and CD Player, you can add on the Valet Music Center.
• Very simple to operate
• Very easy to install
• Backlit keypad makes it easy to see even in the dark
• Automatic Reset - You do not have to switch off any switches after talking on the intercom. It automatically resets itself.
• Small in size: 6 3/4" x 5"
• You may put 1 pair of speakers for high quality stereo sound for music
Valet Kit
Includes the following:
A. 3 White Room Stations
B. 3 Roughins for Room Stations
C. Front Door Station
D. Roughin for Front Door
E. 1 Power Supply
F. 1 Transformer
G. 100 ft. of Wire

Valet Deluxe Kit with AM/FM CD Player
Includes the following:
A. AM/FM CD Player
B. Roughin for AM/FM CD Player
C. 3 Room Stations
D. 3 Roughins for Room Stations
E. Front Door Station
F. Roughin for Front Door Station
G. 2 Power Supplies
H. 2 Transformers
I. 100 ft. of Wire

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