Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting Ready for the Outdoors!

After an unseasonably warm and snow-free winter, and with record-setting temperatures in the mid-20s and beyond already occurring in March, many cannot wait to get their outdoor spaces prepared for the coming season. In the Toronto area, people have been taking full advantage of the warm, sunny weather to clean up their backyards and gardens. But once the garden and other debris is removed, what do you do with the space?

Space is a key determinant. If it happens to be at a premium, I still love the variety of stackable furniture options that are on the market. For even smaller spaces, bistro sets never fail!

But if you’re looking for something new, here are the top 5 outdoor options designers were looking at in March.


Made from Canadian and northern US red cedar and dressed in Sunbrella fabrics, Exteta’s Zen line includes everything from furnishings, lighting, kitchen and bath elements, as well as structural components to create truly unique and customizable spaces.

Stone Forest

Stone Forest offers outdoor furniture, fountains, basins, lanterns, accessories, and one-of-a-kind pieces in a variety of styles. Naturally, stone is the primary material used, with granite, basalt, and serpentine being the most popular. Custom design is always an option.

Deesawat Industries

Using teak, Deesawat handcrafts the Bottle lounges (shown below). Also take a look at their Summer Cabanas and Wave line.


The intricately patterned, powder-coated white aluminum privacy panels of the Caprice provide structure, visual interest, and peace of mind from curious neighbours. The cushions and hardware can all be mixed and matched to create your ideal space. The Wave Pergola, built from bent wood over a galvanized iron frame, is also worth a peak!

Forms + Surfaces

This stunning bench — The Duo — can be used indoors or out without looking out of place. Made from FSC-certified Pure Jatobá and stainless steel, it also gets marks for its nod towards the environment.

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