Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Office Spaces Continue to Shrink

The average individual worker office space in North America was approximately 225 sq ft in 2010. According to a study by CoreNet Global conducted in February, the average allocation of office space per person will decrease to 100 sq ft (or less) by 2017.

This may sound shocking, though it has been the norm throughout Europe for the past several years. As the work environment continues to shift, it makes sense that changes will occur.

Richard Kadzis, CoreNet Global’s Vice President of Strategic Communications, said: “The main reason for the declines is the huge increase in collaborative and team-oriented space inside a growing number of companies that are stressing ‘smaller but smarter’ workplaces against the backdrop of continuing economic uncertainty and cost containment. There are number of additional factors contributing to the decline… More companies are adopting open floor plans in which employees do not have any permanently designated space at all; rather they use unassigned space when they are in the office, settings that often change daily. This trend is enabled by technology and by cost measures, as they require smaller foot prints.”

Many furniture manufacturers already have plenty of solutions lined up for this shift. Haworth, for example, has an “Idea Starters” section on its website where you can begin your search for the ideal office furniture solution based on size:<6 (<36 SF) 6×6 – 8×8 (36 – 64 SF) 8×8 – 10×10 (64 – 100 SF) 10×10 – 12×12 (100 – 144 SF) >12×12 (>144 SF)

Small does not have to mean cramped and dull. Breathe life into small spaces and maximize employee productivity!

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