Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introducing the Linear VMC1 Video Security Intercom

The Home Intercom that’s Serious about Security:

Introducing the Linear VMC1 Video Security Intercom  
Combines Live Video, Home Automation Control & Communication in One Package

Carlsbad, CA (May 7, 2012) – Winner of the 2012 SIA New Product Showcase
‘Best In Residential & Monitoring Solutions’ Award at ISC West in March, the new
VMC1 Video Security Intercom from Linear LLC is serious about security. It is the
one residential system that combines intercom, live video and basic home
control, giving homeowners multiple communication and security features in one
efficient package.

  • Ideal for medium to larger-sized homes and smaller commercial businesses, the new Intercom and accessories offer functions that far exceed basic door-to-videoscreen entry systems:
  •  Integrated video security – Up to three color video camera stations allow users to view activities inside and out from the master unit, any TV screen, or via a snapshot or video signal sent to a smart phone or computer monitor.
  • Home security via smart home control – Users can turn lights on or off  remotely or automatically; see when doors are left open; remotely close a garage door or activate an alarm system panic alert.
  • Intercom communication and monitoring – The system enables users to speak to a single room, a group of rooms or the whole house (up to 20 rooms). One or more rooms can also be monitored or kept private.
  •  Whole-house music – The VMC1 supplies exceptional sound quality and volume levels for rooms of all sizes using three-inch, 16 ohm speakers.  An AM/FM radio is integral to the system, with inputs for an MP3 player.

For more information about the VMC1 Video Security Intercom, contact your
Linear sales representative, visit, or call 1-800-421-1587.


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