Friday, May 11, 2012

A TV in your Table

Do not mistake a TV in your table for a table TV; it is quite literally a TV hidden within a chrome table!

Hidden Television specializes in mirror televisions. The Table TV features a 55″ Samsung LED TV embedded into a sleek, modern table of chrome and glass that measures 59″l x 35-1/2″w x 29-1/2″h. When the television is turned on, it appears on the tabletop surface.

Samsung Apps are included with the TV, which has wireless and internet capabilities and comes with a remote that features a built-in keyboard.

For the sake of your potential or existing domestic relationship and bliss, I’m not sure that I would recommend installing this unit as an actual dining table. But in a sleek and minimalist office space, it might make an incredible desk or meeting table, especially for presentation drawings or architectural plans!

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