Friday, May 4, 2012

Top 5 Types of Water Fountains to Add to Your Home or Business

Top 5 Types of Water Fountains to Add to Your Home or Business

Everyone has their own reason for adding a water fountain to their home, office or business. For some, it simply acts as an elegant piece of art while others are in need of a little moisture added to their space. Water features are soothing, they drown out noise and make great focal points too. If you are recently discovering that the selection is far more extensive than it was years ago, you are probably feeling pretty overwhelmed. Here at Soothing Walls, you will find that they fall primarily under five categories to make shopping easier.

Wall Fountains – It doesn’t matter if you have a short or long wall, there is a water wall here that will look stunning on it. You will find that natural materials, such as slate, marble and copper are quite popular right now. Glass, mirror and stainless steel are ideal for contemporary environments or waiting rooms, while art fountains create a very memorable focal point. These water features are available as vertical or horizontal options to complement any space.

Floor Fountains – If you have an empty corner or a place on the floor that won’t interfere with foot traffic, floor fountains really do leave a lasting impression. Some are center-mounted that can be enjoyed from all angles while others are designed to rest against a wall.

Tabletop Fountains – Every home, office and even cubicle has space for a tabletop fountain. Here at Soothing Walls, we offer these pieces of beneficial art in every size and style imaginable. Whether you are looking for a simplistic piece to offer a spa feel or something small and charming to brighten up your desk, you will find it here!

Outdoor Fountains – It used to be that you needed to have a mansion behind a gated entrance to have an outdoor fountain, but today, they are practically a necessity for every deck, patio, lawn or garden. Some are large enough to act like a piece of art on the grass in front of your home while others sit politely on a flower bed and are powered by the rays of the sun.

Logo Fountains – Commercial and logo fountains are not just for casinos and malls. They are perfect for any business or company of any size. They calm the nerves of customers, employees, patients, partners, investors, etc., while leaving your logo imprinted in their mind.


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