Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top 5 Types of Hammocks to Spend a Lazy Day In

If you have never found yourself simply enjoying the breeze of a summer day while lying in a hammock, then you can’t really appreciate just how magical they really are. Hammocks have a way of immediately transporting you somewhere beautiful and serene the second your carelessly fall into them. Suddenly, chores do not seem nearly important as indulging in a little much needed relaxation. Here at Hammock Pros, we have just what you need to make your time outside much more enjoyable.

Rope Hammocks – Who doesn’t love the look of a classic rope hammock? Although there are some that still tie between two trees or posts, there are also those that use a stand, in case you do not have two trees handy. You will find them here in polyester, DuraCord, single cotton and double rope, in a variety of colors. Contrary to popular belief, rope hammocks don’t have to be white!

Fabric Hammocks – If you prefer the feel of a soft, breathable fabric next to your skin rather than robe, fabric hammocks are ideal. Here at Hammock Pros, we have a fantastic selection of colors, patterns and styles. Some even have an attached pillow while others fold up into a small bag to take hiking, camping or to the beach.

Quilted – If you really prefer to be pampered by plush furniture, there is a hammock for you too. Some are under the impression that all hammocks are made from rope, but quilted varieties have become quite popular. As the name implies, they are super soft to lie on and look as good as they feel.

Hammock Chairs – You do not need to take a nap or read a book to enjoy a hammock. These chairs are ideal for your deck, patio or front porch. Some have their own stand while others hang from something overhead, and they are also available in rope, fabric and quilted varieties as well.

Hammock Swings – Similar to a chair, only these are designed to swing a little. We even have some here at Hammock Pros that offer seating for two, just like your favorite porch swing. If you don’t quite have enough shade in your yard, you will want to add on a canopy too! This way, you can enjoy your swing, even on a hot, sunny afternoon, without feeling like you are barking.


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